Brake Jobs Starting at $79.95
Transmission Flush $109.95
Coolant Flush Up to 1 gal. fluid $69.95
Tune Ups Starting at $99.95
Oil Change Up to 5 quarts std. oil $24.95
Tire Rotation Starting at $14.95
Power Steering Flush Up to 2 quarts of fluid $59.95
Tire Repair Starting at $14.95
Charging System Service $29.95
A/C Check up Up to 2 lbs. of R134A $89.95
Transfer Case Flush Up to 2 quarts of fluid $59.95
Emissions System Repair Starting at $99.95
Tire/Wheel Balance (4 Tires) $39.95
Remote Start Install Most Models $229.95
RV Winterizing Starting at $69.95
Boat/Jetski Winterizing Starting at $89.95
Fuel Injection Service $99.95
Front Differential Service Up to 2 quarts of fluid $69.95
Rear Differential Service Up to 2 quarts of fluid $69.95

(All prices are subject to change without notice. Synthetic lubricants are extra)

With over 20 years of dealership experience, you can trust that we'll do the job right the first time.

Check engine lights, Airbag lights, Anti lock brake lights, Belts, Electrical Diagnostics, Transmissions, Starters, Fuel injection service, Brakes, Power steering flush, Head gaskets, Engines, Exhuast, Tires, Hoses, Filters, Radiators, Batteries, Fuel pumps, Shocks, Stuts, Tie rod ends, Ball joints, Alignments, Wipers, Emission control systems, Gaskets, and SO MUCH MORE!

4x4 Lift kits - Remote Starters

Headers And Exhaust - Minor Welding

Lawn Mower and 4 Wheeler Repair

Most major service contracts accepted

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